And we thought we were lazy. The Frisky explores the treacherous frontier of minimalist beauty tips that is the double-duty panty. While a little drunk and in need of a headband, writer Amelia McDonnell Parry grabbed a pair of clean underwear to hold her bangs back while she washed her hairu2014and voila! The in-a-pinch panty headband</strong> was born. We'd GGDB Sneakers like to Golden Goose Women Shoes offer a few more notes: Firstly, if your head-to-waist ratio is not 1:1, use a pair of high-waisted panties with a tighter elastic; secondly, a string thong might provide a tighter hold, so ladies with thicker hair should opt for those; thirdly, please just keep a headband in the bathroom. Please. (The Golden Goose Sneakers Frisky)